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January 12, 2017
SoftWing has been flying on heart wings around the planet. We can now add Israel and Martinique to the long list of countries playing Robin's music on the airwaves (see below and press page).

Tour and Festival plans for North and South America are underway for this spring and summer including Chile, Brazil, Mexico, and Montreal.

Check out the new live videos so you can be a virtual participant in energy of the live shows.

SoftWing, as Robin explains it, means "The wings that take flight from the revolution within".

This message is important now more than ever. How do we stand for each other in these divisive times with creativity and humour and grace and intelligence.

All the potential is there sparkling inside us. Happy New Year!!

May 11 2016
SoftWing is getting global airplay-Robin's music is being played in France, Australia, in the U.S.A and Canada. Our little Reggae song "Said To My Soul" is being played in Jamaica. Yahooooo!!

SoftWing now has a sweet four piece international band of multi-instrumentalists. They sing beautiful back vocals too. We have been having a blast playing around Montreal and are excited about upcoming tour possibilities.

Check the new music videos on the media page including a short French feature film by Lise Gantheret that stars Robin as the lead actress and features her song "Till We Try".

July 27 2015

SoftWing is Here! The SoftWing CD Launch May 31, 2015 sold out!!! It was a day of true love; a family affair with our Montreal creative community backing us up in song and dance.

I was overjoyed to sing my new songs with an amazing band of percussion, guitar, guest vocalists and a mini choir from Choeur Maha. You all sang with us!

Four gorgeous dance pieces were choreographed and performed to songs from SoftWing CD. 

Don't forget the dazzling poster by street artist Lily Luciole.

Photos and video of SoftWing CD Launch will be posted here, on the Media Page. You all got up and danced magnificently in the circle to "Cheguei Lá", then DJ Andy williams kicked off the after-party with his tropical grooves. The online launch is also coming very soon.

Thank you all who took part in that special day. 

xo Robin

April 14, 2015

Happy Spring!! Wow Wow Wow. It has been a deep freeze of a winter up here in Montreal. All of a sudden the floodgates of spring have opened. SoftWing is happening!!!

We got the room I wanted for the show, the third floor of the historic Rialto Theatre in Montreal. Sunday, May 31 will be a party not to be missed. You can buy the CD, hear the music, see the dancers and enjoy the beautiful people celebrating the most powerful work of my soul to date.

January 3, 2015

Soft Wing takes flight!!!

The full length recording is finished. SoftWing is highly original independent music in all its glory thanks to the over 100 angels who funded my Kapipal Fundraiser. We are grateful beyond words. Click here to see the ongoing fundraising results.

We are now planning a luminous launch party this Spring 2015 for you, the Fans, Friends and Family. There will be Montreal artists that come from around the world joining me on stage for the celebration; dancers, percussionists and guest vocalists as well. Can't wait to see you there!!

November 7, 2013

Robin's CD Fundraiser is launched!!!! Click here

Well half of this labour of love has been recorded and released as a free five song EP "Love Shakin The Fences". We have garnered thousands of new fans from all over the world via these first releases.

We now need to raise 17,000 to finish and launch the rest of this, the debut CD of my original songs in the Spring of 2014.

You can access your pre-ordered your CD before it is released via your contribution. We have gifts, original artwork, exclusive experiences, and services to offer you! It all depends on what you bid.

I am overjoyed as these recordings have surpassed what I dreamed they would be. The album is close to being done. I can't wait to share it with you.

We would love it if you all could be a part of this album’s journey with us by contributing whatever you can! Whatever it is, it all helps and we appreciate it so much.

TOGETHER it can be done.

For more info go to

August 8, 2013

Happy August. Well my complete five song EP is now up and available for free download here and on Facebook as a limited time gift to my fans until the launch of the Full length CD. They are also for sale on itunes.

We are cooking up my new songs in the studio with brilliant vocalists and musicians as well as with found sounds, electronica, and homemade instruments complete with Pots and Pans that I recorded from the Montreal student street demonstrations of 2011.

The new songs, are calling for a rainbow of rhythms with some Reggae, Blues, African and Brazilian influences in the mix.

In the next few weeks and months we are rallying the troops of beautiful dancers artists and musicians friends with whom I have been collaborating over the years to prepare for the fundraiser and the launch. I have been gathering photos, artwork, and fabulous prizes as gifts to those who make this CD project and CD launch fly.

Pre-sales of the CD will be starting in a few weeks so stay tuned!!

Thank you all for sharing this journey with me.

June 28, 2013
Til We Try has arrived. As promised, every six weeks - a new song release from the EP. Enjoy!

Montreal - Summer is here and all our friends are out; Burdock, Rhubarb and all the rioting unpaid flowers (as i fondly call them). We artists, are back in the studio recording I Will Follow You Down, a rockin' slow cooker that is one of my new songs for the second half of the album.

We will be needing your help to crowd-fund the second half of the album and the CD Launch. There will be fun and original gifts in gratitude to all of you who want to support this Album - Stay Tuned!!

May 6, 2013
Today we launch my new song, Beaujelais. May 6 would be my grandma Fay Gorn's, 98th birthday. She loved to sing. Beaujelais is dedicated to you, Sweet Fay.
We have now gone Global, with over 4000 Facebook fans from places like Egypt, Peru, Brazil and Morrocco. Welcome!!!!
Come see us on iTunes.

February 14, 2013
Out of 300,000 of entries, my singles Noah's Arms and Love Shakin The Fences are both Editor's Pick at CDbaby, the largest distributor of independent music.
A great little boost from people who love music!

December 21, 2012
Welcome to my new website. I am so pleased that this is the magical place where I will be sharing my music with you. We will be releasing a new song every six weeks from the EP as a runway to the release of my full length CD on September 28, 2013. The songs will be available on this site so stay tuned!!!

Its been a long road to this day 21,12,12 , the launch of this project. I am proud that I kept my vision and saw it through all the trials and joys and doubts and triumphs along the way.Thats is no joke!!!!! I am so grateful to the musicians, producer, web designer, photographers, visual artists and mentors who were the perfect team to have with me on this journey. Please read all the credits on the site to know who all these amazing artists are. Thank you dear friends and family for your support and thanks to you all out there for visiting my new website. I hope you enjoy this art and music. We can offer it, but you are the ones who make it part of your life. There are more stories to come. I will leave you with this wish. May you be showered with blessings from majestic trees and benevolent skies.

All the best

For those of you who want to read more, here is a poem I wrote last year.